23 Bristol Harbor Series Center Console – Article

Century Coronado – New England Boat Builder Offers Premium Center Consoles
Vanquish Boats Are Simply Stunning.

There are plenty of good-looking boats out there. A few of them are beautiful, even. Century Boats Vanquish 23 CC, however, are simply stunning.

They don’t just turn heads, they lock eyes. Even if you’re not a boat geek, there’s something recognizable in the sweep and symmetry of their lines. It’s timeless, it’s classic, it’s craftsmanship with deep New England roots that belies quality construction and superior performance.

Will those qualities resonate with fishermen in the Northeast? Newport, Rhode Island-based Vanquish thinks so. In 2018, the company transitioned into semi-custom work to offer fishing versions of their center consoles. They are betting that there are fishermen who want to put their boat-buying budgets toward design, function, performance, and style, rather than simply going larger and adding bells, whistles, and superficial “luxury.”

Vanquish Re-Thinks the Premium Center Console

The center console is a classic boat design that has not only endured throughout the years but has exploded in the last decade. These multipurpose, rugged boats offer low cost of ownership and that’s one reason boat manufacturers are competing to build larger, more capable, and more comfortable models.

“The average size for a premium center console now lands between 33 and 40 feet,” explains Christopher Hughes, director of marketing at Vanquish Boats. “While this is great news for many boaters, a large percentage of potential owners cannot afford these $400,000 to $600,000 models. We wanted to address the issues of the under-30-foot market and offer high-performance premium center consoles that are still affordable.

“We looked at every aspect of our boats and asked, what’s the best way to do this? Not the cheapest way, not the most expensive way, but what materials and designs provide the highest level of both quality and value.”

The result is two center console boats that live up to their billing as “New American Classics,” blending beautiful styling and remarkable performance

Vanquish 23 Bristol Harbor Series Center Console

The exciting Vanquish 23 Center Console is a robust platform designed by Greg Beers and Cory Wood of the world-renowned Bristol Harbor group. The hull uses lifting strakes and angled hard chines in conjunction with a deep-V entry to deliver the safe and stable ride of a much larger boat. Added features like pull-out Plano tackle management systems, landing stations for 5-gallon buckets, and non-skid casting decks give it inherent fish-ability. With an average MSRP sale price of $120,000, the Vanquish 23CC is an exceptional value.

Vanquish 26 Center Console

The gorgeous Vanquish 26CC began when Morgan Huntley, who acquired the molds in 2010, tapped acclaimed Massachusetts-based marine architect Doug Zurn. Zurn used state-of-the-art computer-driven design and incorporated the latest in building materials to achieve new levels of performance. The modified-V, performance-planing hull tests out at 3.6-3.7 mpg at 35 to 40 mph. The combination of being handcrafted from superior materials, advanced engineering, and innovative hull design delivers a smoother ride and longer lasting boat that will no doubt be regarded by future generations as a collectible.