We've been building boats for more than 90 years. With an eye on even the smallest details, Century Boats have a legacy of Purebred Performance. Fishability, Luxury and Reliability are the hallmarks of every Century boat - true luxury, meets hardcore, fishing machines.

Performance fishing features

When it comes to fishability, Century Boats has you covered. We know what you need to perform at your best when you're out there on the water.

Perfect blend of class and style

Passion for perfection. It's why Century Boats brings meticulous attention to detail and an obsession for style and innovation to every boat we build.

Dependable components built to last

We are relentlessly testing our products and designing new solutions. The result: solid platforms built to get you there... and back... in safety and comfort.


Since 1926 Century Boats has a history of building high-quality, classic boats for anglers and families who demand innovation, luxury and reliability from their boats. We are proud of our legacy and constantly strive to not only maintain, but also improve the integrity of the Century Boats brand.

Century Boats Innovation

Power Command Centers, factory-installed performance stereos, and advanced storage solutions are just a few features that provide our customers with state-of-the-art advances.

100% Composite Construction

Each Century is 100% composite construction from bow to stern - no wood. We ensure our glass and core materials are the latest in reinforcement technology and expertly applied by our experienced craftsmen.

10/3/1 Warranty

We've got you covered. The Century Boats warranty plan protects your hull and deck structure for 10 years.

Century Boats Product Lineup

Coronado Boats Product Lineup


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