The Duel Console, 24-Foot Resorter, Offers Versatility for Water Sports, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing or Family Fishing and Boating Days on the Water


Century's new 24 Resorter is a dual console design that redefines versatility on the water. Ideal for offshore fishing, luxurious day cruising and high-octane watersports, the 24 Resorter accommodates the most dynamic boating enthusiasts - and delivers comfort and performance across all activities.  

Explore where your imagination takes you. Whether it's a day of discovery with the family, water sports with friends, or venturing offshore in the hunt for a big fish trophy catch - the 24 Resorter with optimizations available for any boating activity you crave. The innovative dual console design is ideal for a variety of on-the-water activities. The 24 Resorter features include access boarding ladders forward and aft for swimmers and wake boarders, an enclosed bathroom/head, multi-positional passenger seating, and lounges, bow seating. Powering up to go fishing? Fishing boat features include over-insulated fish boxes to keep your catch cold all day, large freshwater bait live-wells.

The 24 Resorter has a reputation as the best fish and ski boat ever.

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