Center Console Boats: The Versatile Fishing Boat

Center Console Boats: The Versatile Fishing Boat

As experienced boaters know, many boats that claim to be able “do it all” tend to fall short where it really counts. Fortunately, when it comes to center console boats, this is rarely an issue. Center consoles are top-notch fishing boats, but they are often used for various activities ranging from oyster tonging to water skiing and so much more. 

What is a Center Console Boat?

The primary feature used to identify a center console boat is a center-mounted console with a steering station. Models 20′ and above often have a head compartment inside the console, while those 30′ and up may have an actual cabin in a boat that occasionally also goes up under the foredeck. In most models, the stern cockpit stays open and uncluttered, however on many newer center consoles, fold-out seating frequently pops out of the transom and, in some cases, in the inwales. This is one of the more modern features that lends to the versatility of a center console: when you want to go fishing, fold all of the seating away, and when it’s time for a dinner cruise, bring it out for additional seating and comfort. 

The Best Fishing Sport Available 

Coronado 23 Center Console in Annapolis MarylandCoronado 23 Center Console boat in Annapolis Maryland
best fish and family boat, saltwater cabin cruisers for sale

For the serious angler who enjoys bay, river, and ocean fishing, nothing else compares to a center console boat. Most people find that a center console in the mid-20 foot range boat is just about the only boat that can perform in a wide variety of environments and water depths, so there are few limitations. These boats have 360-degree fishability, maximum deck surface, a bow and aft cockpit, and can be built with more or less specialization to suit certain fisheries and fishing methods.

Other Benefits of Center Console Boats

Ample Storage and Space

photo showing much storage space on a center console boat
Boat storage

Modern boats have gone a long way in terms of storage capacity, and center console boats have the most desirable feel and flow. A center console boat will generally have forward, middle, side, and aft storage facilities that are positioned in usable and practical positions, ranging from bait wells to rod storage to make fishing easy. Having easy access to the water that is free of gear or cumbersome storage solutions helps you and your passengers catch more fish and keeps everyone safer on board. 

Excellent Visibility

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to boating and fishing, and center console boats offer excellent safety features. While a center console boat isn’t necessarily safer than other options, the visibility is better, allowing the captain to see what possible issues may lie ahead and avoid them when out on the water. This benefit is even more important when you have family on board.

Stability and Balance

A benefit of a center console boat that is sometimes overlooked is how well it can be balanced. Being centered in the boat helps to keep things steady if you frequently take boat outings alone for some solo fishing time. When you plan to have passengers on board, having the flexibility to distribute bodies equally gives significant advantages over alternative designs.

Great for Family Fun the Perfect Family Fishing Boat

family fishing on the back of a center console boat

What is surprising to some folks is just how well a center console boat can function as more than just a fishing boat. The open layout, smooth ride, and level of comfort are excellent for pulling water skiers or tow-toys since it has plenty of power and ample room for family and friends. Center console also function easily as a ski boat. While these boats get a lot of attention from fishing enthusiasts, they make excellent cruising boats for days when you want to find a peaceful cove and take a nice swim. Most boats of this type will also have an excellent stereo system, coolers, cup holders, USB ports, and a bathroom. Everything you need for a full day of fun on the boat! 

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